Somehow, somewhere, someone introduced, accidentally or on purpose, the word quality in modern day companies and offices. Since then a complex myriad of activities, roles, methods and other commercial offspring containing this word has cloaked the planet in an ever thickening smoke-screen that conceals the true nature of quality. A far cry from common sense or other intelligible approaches to the subject, e.g. Robert M. Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality.

Nonetheless quality is a jolly good thing that should be addressed in as many aspects of life and work as possible. With the invent and now widespread usage of sensible principles like Agile (that can be applied to much more than just software development) the door is opened to Agile Quality Management. Based on the same set of principles and in every way firmly rooted in the good old concept of common sense. With an eye for empirical sceptisism regarding risk management.

Stay tuned for further details…